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September 03, 2010


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[this is good] I would not have known about Vox closing if not for this message, Irma - thank you! I have rescued my posts...now, about the images... sigh.


It was nice getting to know you on Vox. I look forward to keeping in contact.

Are Amplify and Soup very similar to Clipmarks and Tumblr, respectively? In what ways do they differ?


Amplify is made by the same people as Clipmarks, it's sort of like a spin off. It's not exactly the same though, on Amplify there's a bigger emphasis on conversation. Amplify is built on top of a WordPress Mu installation. There's a rather active and friendly community.

Soup is indeed a bit like Tumblr, perhaps more oriented towards Europe. While they both were startups, Soup had a lot more options and features than Tumblr, and even now it has a much nicer interface, and bookmarklet. I just mirror all my Soup accounts on Tumblr, but prefer Soup.

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